Behavior Management & Discipline

Behavior Management

The general goals of guidance and discipline at SC Learning Center are to help the individual child to become increasingly responsible for his or her own behavior.

We believe that children learn best within a safe and nurturing environment.  The staff will provide positive support and reinforcement for appropriate behaviors, as well as any necessary guidance toward those appropriate behaviors.  We encourage children to develop and use potentialities as fully as possible and to manage his or her own affairs with due consideration for others.  We want children to solve problems intelligently and think for him or herself.  We will help children manage feelings and emotions in an appropriate, constructive manner and will provide developmentally appropriate consequences when inappropriate, hurtful or harmful behaviors occur. 

If determined by the director, teachers of the children, and parents/guardians an early childhood specialist from Winfield School District or other agency may be recommended.  When a discipline plan has been developed for the child the center personnel will work with the agency.  Ongoing communication will occur with parents/guardians, teaching staff, and the agency.


The classroom rules at SC Learning Center are generated from student input along with teacher guidance.  When children choose inappropriate behavior the following actions will be taken by the staff members: (All situations will be documented and notes will be sent home to inform parents of the behavior.)

  • The problem will be discussed in a quiet voice.
  • The child will be given an opportunity to come up with a solution to resolve the problem thus preventing a recurrence of behavior.
  • A safe place is provided in each classroom for children to calm down.  If needed the child will be sent there to think about their behavior and how it can be fixed.
  • Parent will be called to discuss further disciplinary actions if needed.
  • Termination of class membership – if problem behavior continues – as determined by Director.

Termination Policy

It is part of our job to teach your children to participate, cooperate and be a responsible member of the group. On occasion, a child’s behavior may place the child and or other children in danger or interfere with the focus of the SC Learning Center. In the event of inappropriate behaviors, our policy is as follows:

  1. Educare staff will document/keep a record of behaviors.
  2. Staff will notify parents/guardians by notes sent home on the days as needed and/or by phone call if needed.
  3. If the inappropriate/dangerous behavior continues, the Preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment. Termination will be at the discretion of the Director of the Preschool following notification of the Early Childhood Coordinator of Southwestern College.
  4. Written notice two weeks prior to termination of a child’s enrollment will be given UNLESS the behavior warrants immediate termination. The Preschool Director and the Southwestern College Early Childhood Coordinator have the discretion to make this decision.

*It is extremely important that the Little Builders staff and the parents (guardians) work together to help the child learn to control his/her behavior. We all want your child to be a successful and responsible person.

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