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When do classes begin?
The Fall 2020 Academic Calendar is being finalized. Starting dates will be posted here once finalized.

How can I order my Textbooks? 
You may order your textbooks through the college online textbook store. Free shipping days are August 2 and 3!

ALL students must check-in at Moundbuilder Check-In day.

Freshmen Only: Date & Time TBA

Fall Student-Athletes* Only (including Transfer Fall Student-Athletes): Date & Time TBA
*Fall athletes: Football, Volleyball, Cheer/Dance, Men/Women Soccer, Men/Women Cross Country (Athletic physicals will be available that day. See details here.)

Returning & Transfer Students: Date & Time TBA

What is “Moundbuilder Check-In” day?
Moundbuilder Check-In allows us to know you are coming to/returning to SC. You will check in with all areas of the college to finish any paperwork/documentation that is incomplete. If you have completed everything, you still need to “check-in.”  

Where do I start?
Location for Moundbuilder Check-In and details are yet to be determined.

Can I skip check-in and go ahead and move into my residence hall? 
No. All students must go through check-in before moving into their residence hall. 

If you do NOT have a balance, or you HAVE a payment plan, you will be directed onto the other areas: ID card, parking permit, class schedule, laptop, athletic protocols (if you are an athlete) and housing information.

How long will it take to Check-In?
The speed at which you go through Moundbuilder Check-In  will be determined by how much of your documents you have finalized prior to arriving.

If you are a freshman, or a transfer student, please talk with your admissions representative for help.

If you are a returning student and have not completed your paperwork see the following links to connect you with a representative that can help you: 

Financial Aid
Payment Plans/Student Accounts
Where to send transcripts/Registrar
Athletic protocols/pre-physical information

What should I bring?
If you are a freshman, please talk with your admissions representative to make sure all documents have been received and are on file (transcripts, financial aid information, etc.)

If you are a returning student, please call Southwestern College offices between 8 am and 5 pm if you have questions or to make sure all documents sent have been received. 

Can I change my class schedule during Moundbuilder Check-In?
You may not change your class schedule on Moundbuilder Check-In. We will only enroll new students on Moundbuilder Check-In

If you are a freshmen or a transfer student, please call your admissions representative to discuss dropping or adding classes. 

If you are a returning student, please call the Registrar’s office between 8 am and 5 pm if you have questions or need assistance.

Can I change my major during Moundbuilder Check-In?
We will only be able to enroll new students. If you are a new student, or a transfer student having second thoughts about your major area of study, please talk with your admissions representative. She/he will get you in contact with someone who can talk you through your questions and answer any of your concerns, or counsel you on a different major area of study. If you are a returning student, please contact your advisor, or the Registrar’s Office to talk with  someone who can schedule an appointment with you to discuss your concerns and new major area of interest. 

One of the great things about SC is that we help students find whatever their heart calls them to do. We allow students to move to other majors until they find their passion. We want you to be happy and excited about your future!

Will I get my laptop at Moundbuilder Check-In?
Details concerning laptop distribution are yet to be determined.

Can I go ahead and get my room in the residence hall first? 
No, you must first complete Moundbuilder Check-In. Any documents and information (athletic insurance, payment plans, financial aid documents, etc.) that you can provide ahead of time will allow you to get through the line much easier and quicker.  

What if I lost my ID? Do I need that at Moundbuilder Check-In
Yes, you need your ID. If you do not have an ID, you may get a new ID at Moundbuilder Check-In for $10.00.  

I have questions about my bill, who do I talk to? Do I wait until Moundbuilder Check-In?
If you are a new student, or a transfer student, we suggest that you speak with your admissions representative as soon as possible prior to arrival so we can make sure we have all of your charges assessed according to your obligations. If you are a returning student, call our offices during normal business hours (8-5 pm M-F).

Can I skip Moundbuilder Check-In and go ahead and take care of my athletic protocols or get my physical?
No. All students must formally check-in to the college before going through athletic protocols, etc.

I am an athlete; is there information I need to send, or bring with me?
Yes. If you are an athlete, you need to bring your physical, your personal insurance policy information so the athletic training staff can validate if you have the correct insurance coverage to play intercollegiate sports. You can provide all of that ahead of time. Please contact: Lock Schnelle, Head Athletic Trainer at: or 620-229-6070 (office) to get the proper forms and information for your physical.

Finalize athletic pre-participation paperworkAll insurance information should be sent prior to arriving, or have all insurance paperwork with you when you arrive. If you get your physical before arriving, that will help you speed things up. If you are a new student, your admissions representative can assist you with getting your pre-participation paperwork to athletics if you need assistance.  

Pre-physical: Get your pre-participation paperwork to athletics prior to your arrival. If you have not had your physical before your arrival, give your pre-physical information to the athletic training staff W,TH,F (8 am – 5 pm) or Saturday (10 am – 2 pm) in Stewart Field House athletic training facility before your physical on Saturday beginning at 4:30 pm  in Student Field House athletic training facility.

Athletic Physicals*: TBA. in Stewart Field House in the athletic training facility.

*Fall athletes: Football, Volleyball, Cheer/Dance, Men/Women Soccer, Men/Women Cross Country

Why am I required to provide proof of primary athletic insurance?
We require all student-athletes to have primary health insurance. The athletic accident insurance coverage provided by Southwestern College is for an accident (a sudden, specific definable event) sustained while participating in the play or official practice of intercollegiate sports at Southwestern College. Our college athletic coverage is a secondary provider and will only work as such meaning you will be required to carry primary athletic insurance that will cover athletic injuries. Proof of primary insurance may be provided up until the add/drop date. If proof of primary insurance cannot be provided, then the accident policy rate for your specific sport will be added to your student account. Additional steps to authorize financial aid in paying for this charge will be required. Medicaid will not work as primary insurance. If you choose the accident policy as your coverage, it is a non-refundable policy that does not provide coverage outside of Southwestern College athletics. The policy is non-transferable. It also does not cover non-athletic injuries nor provide general health coverage (i.e. sickness). If your insurance information changes for any reason, you will need to update the information as soon as possible either with the sports medicine staff or within Vivature itself. Insurance must be on file with Southwestern Colleges’ sports medicine staff before you will be cleared for participation in intercollegiate athletics which include practice and/or competition.

Who do I contact to check my insurance to see if it provides the insurance coverage I am required to have as a student-athlete?
Head Athletic Trainer at: or 620-229-6070 (office)

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