Moundbuilder Check-In LogoMoundbuilder Check-In for Freshmen

Fall Athletes | Wednesday, August 7
(8 am - 4 pm - by appointment)

Spring Athletes & Non-Athletes | Wednesday, August 14
(8 am - 4 pm - by appointment)

Mossman Hall (#26 on the campus map)

Each student has been assigned a designated check-in day and time block.​ Students have been sent an email with their individual check-in times and details. If you did not receive your notification, or if you have questions or conflicts with your check-in appointment, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at or 620-229-6080.

Additional parking can be found behind Mossman Hall and Beech Science Center (#11 and #6 on the campus map)

Complete this Process Before Check-In

We encourage you to finalize your paperwork during regular business hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Items to complete before check-in:

The Office of Admission can assist you with any questions and may be reached at 1-800-846-1543.


Order your textbooks through the college online textbook store.
Free shipping on orders $99 and up! (Some restrictions apply.)

Order Textbooks

The Barnes and Noble College Bookstore storefront switches to Fall 2024 on July 18 for the Main Campus.

In the meantime, you can access the ISBN list from the Registrar’s webpage. A PDF copy of the courses offered and the corresponding ISBN are found there. 

Approximately 4 weeks prior to the class start date, you should receive an email with a voucher ID to purchase textbooks.  This voucher allows you to charge your books to your student account at SC. Log in to the link in the email.  You will need your SC ID # and the voucher ID. There is also a link to the online bookstore on Self-Service home page.

Want your textbooks mailed directly to campus?

The student mailing address is:

Student Name
Box Number
1820 Warren Ave
Winfield, KS  67156

Disclaimer: Don't worry if you have not been issued your Box Number. The Mail Center will hold and contact you for pickup.

What to expect at Moundbuilder Check-In

Financial Aid/Payment PlansIf you have an account balance you will be directed to the financial aid and student accounts areas. 

You will need to pay your balance in full, have financial aid in place to cover your full balance or set up a payment plan before the first day of class, Monday August 19th.

Questions regarding payment, payment plans, 3rd party billing should be addressed through Student Accounts.  Email or call 620-229-6318 or 620-229-6251. 

Get your ID card (if an ID card has not been issued to you)

Parking permitYou will need your license plate number, make and model of your vehicle. (There is no cost for permit/parking) 

Your scheduleYou will receive a copy of your schedule.

Meet the Student Success Team to schedule appointments to discuss disability accommodations, tutoring, or probationary status support.  

SC-issued laptop (you must have your ID card with you). Due to supply-chain issues, Microsoft has recently delayed the delivery of the college's order of laptops for first-year students. Microsoft has estimated a delivery later in August. In the meantime, temporary computer stations will be available to first-year students who do not have a computer or tablet. At check-in, students will be trained to access their email, Blackboard, and Self-Service. As soon as the laptops arrive on campus I.T. will host distribution events to get each student their laptop. Faculty and program directors are making arrangements to their course schedules to better accommodate students who have difficulties accessing necessary technology. 

Athletes: Finalize athletic pre-participation paperwork. All insurance information should be sent prior to arriving, or have all insurance paperwork with you when you arrive. If you get your physical before arriving, that will help you speed things up as we won't offer physicals on campus. 

Check into student housing before moving in.

Receive your Moundbuilder swag!

What to Expect at Moundbuilder Move-In

Students must go through check-in in Mossman before coming to the Residence Halls for move-in.

We will have 5 parking slots in front of Cole and 5 in front of Wallingford. Parents MUST STAY IN THEIR CARS as student workers come out to help freshmen unload their belongings and take everything inside. Once the cars are completely unloaded the parents will be directed to PULL OFF AND PARK OUTSIDE OF THE LOADING ZONES. Once parents park their cars they are encouraged to come back to the residence hall and help their students set up their living space at that time.

If the freshmen are driving themselves the process is the same. The student workers will come to unload the car while the freshmen stay behind the wheel. Once they have parked OUTSIDE OF THE LOADING ZONE the freshmen will be able to return to their hall, pick up their room key, and begin setting up their living space.

We will have a few dollies and carts to help with unloading cars but parents are encouraged to bring dollies if they have them and want to allow students to use them to unload their cars.

Note: Don't forget to bring any tools necessary to assemble furniture.

Tentative Daily Schedule

Wednesday, August 7

8:00 am - 4:00 pm First-Year Student Move-In/Registration Mossman Hall (Time slots assigned) (#26 on the campus map)

11:00 am – 2:00 pm Family Lunch Smith Dining Hall (#15 on the campus map)

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Parents Meeting Richardson Performing Arts Center (RPAC) (#17 on the campus map)

Wednesday, August 14

8:00 am – 4:00 pm First-Year Spring Athletes & Non-Athletes Student Move-In/Registration Mossman Hall  (Time slots assigned) (#26 on the campus map)

11:00 am – 2:00 pm Family Lunch Smith Dining Hall (#15 on the campus map)

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Parents Meeting Richardson Performing Arts Center (RPAC) (#17 on the campus map)

Additional Events

BuilderFest: August 12-22 (learn more)

Residence Life information: Students will learn about their room assignments in the third week of July. If for some reason a student has not received his or her information by the end of July, please contact the Student Life office. A full schedule of Move-in Day events can be found here!

  • Female students will check into Cole Hall and male students will check into Wallingford Hall.

Freshmen Work Day

After students return from Builder Camp, Freshmen participate in Freshmen Work Day. Freshmen Work Day is a day of service for the incoming freshmen class to work in the community of Winfield, KS, creating a positive change in our world on an individual and local level. Learn more about Freshmen Work Day.

BuilderFest Activities

The first weeks here on campus are filled with lots of activities and events.  See the full BuilderFest Schedule!

Build a life

Build a life

Students are what make Student Life happen!

From carnivals to concerts, from Sutton Center to Campus Life, the Office of Student Affairs is available for you, the student.

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