Academic Support Courses

Southwestern College has designed two academic support courses, one of which serves to mentor students on academic probation (ESKL080); the other supports students who (1) apply to the college with less than minimum admissions requirements and have been conditionally admitted to Southwestern College by the Conditional Admittance Committee (ESKL 079).

ESKL 079: Essential Skills

This class is an exploration of college life and a true transition course that gives opportunities to learn life-long skills for college and for life.  The student will explore career options based on proven personality and career surveys, learn time management, study and test-taking skills, and investigate real world scenarios such as taxes, loans, house hunting, car buying, relationships, marriage and spiritual identity.  Lessons will come from Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective College Students and, following mid-term exams, one-on-one appointments with a success coach. The course counts for credit toward degree completion, graduation, and grade point average. Required for students who are admitted conditionally, this course may be required for students placed on probation by the academic affairs committee. A grade of "Unsatisfactory" in Essential Skills may be grounds for suspension. Credit 0 hours. Graded S/U.

ESKL080 Academic Mentoring

This course is designed to assist students who have been placed on academic probation in improving study skills and developing a strategy for academic success. Students in the course will be required to have regular contact with an academic mentor and complete monitored study hall hours every week. While the curriculum will be adapted to address each student's individual needs, the primary focus of the class is monitoring and enforcing study time. The course is required of all students placed on academic probation. A grade of "Unsatisfactory" in Academic Mentoring may be grounds for suspension. Credit 0 hours. Graded S/U. May be repeated.

ESKL courses are designed to help these specific student populations develop strategies for success in college. Probationary and conditionally admitted students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate course; other students are admitted to the courses only by consent of the vice president for retention and student success.

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