BA Major in Sport Management

B.A., Major in Sport Management

Major requirements*

  • BUS 115 Business Basics (3 hours)
  • BUS 130 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 hours)
  • BUS 322 Management (3 hours) BUS 325 Marketing (3 hours)
  • BUS 325 Marketing (3 hours)
  • BUS 328 Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
  • BUS 437 Business and Professional Ethics (3 hours)

Cognate requirements

  • ACCT281 Financial Accounting (3 hours)
  • ACCT283 Managerial Accounting (3 hours)
  • COMM294 Public Relations (3 hours)
  • ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics (3 hours)
  • ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 hours)
  • MATH215 Introduction to Statistics and Probability (3 hours)
  • PESS220 Introduction to Sport Management (3 hours)
  • PESS344 Sports Marketing (3 hours)
  • PESS421 Sport Management Capstone (3 hours)
  • PSYC335 Psychology of Sport (3 hours)

*2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Students whose major or minor is within the business administration division must earn a grade of “C” or better in each course taken within the division (ACCT, BUS, ECON) to meet graduation requirements.

Why Sport Management?

Develops business skills necessary to work in the administrative, management, or marketing departments of athletic organizations. Very exciting and challenging positions available in sports industries.

Job Opportunities

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Athletic Director
  • Team Management
  • Sport Marketing
  • Athletic Administrator
  • Ticket Sales
  • Fitness Manager
  • Services for Student-Athletes
  • Intramural Director
  • Sales of Sporting Goods
  • Event Management
  • Arena Management
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