Course Schedules

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Fall 2014

Summer 2014

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If Class Meets:

Final Exam Scheduled:

MWF 8:00a

Mon, Dec 8

8:00a - 9:50a

MWF 9:00a

Wed, Dec 10

9:00a – 10:50a

MWF 10:00a

Mon, Dec 8

10:00a – 11:50a

MWF 12:00n

Mon, Dec 8

12:00n - 1:50p

MWF 1:10p

Wed, Dec 10

1:10p – 3:00p

MWF 2:10p

Mon, Dec 8

2:10p – 4:00p

TR 8:00a

Thurs, Dec 11 

8:00a – 9:50a

TR 9:20a

Tues, Dec 9

9:20a – 11:10a

TR 10:40a

Thurs, Dec 11

10:40a – 12:30p

TR 1:10p

Tues, Dec 9

1:10p – 3:00p

TR 2:30p

Thurs, Dec 11

2:30p – 4:20p

Exams for late afternoon/evening classes at regular class times.

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