The philosophy and religion major provides students a robust engagement with the various subjects of Christianity, such as scripture and systematic theology, as well as the classic subjects of philosophical study, such as logic and ethics. Students will explore questions of meaning, related both to the philosophical question of the pursuit of the good life and the theological question of the nature of God and God’s will for humankind. Students will read and interpret the classic philosophical and theological texts that have shaped Western culture for over two millennia. These two disciplines produce graduates who are deep thinkers, good readers of texts, and great writers. The major is designed to prepare graduates for effective employment in the various fields of ministry of for success in graduate studies related to, but not limited to, the subjects of education, law, ministry, philosophy, and politics.

B.Phil., Major in Philosophy

B.A., Major in Philosophy & Religion

Minor in Christian Discipleship Studies

Minor in Philosophy & Religion

Minor in Youth Ministry

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