Campus Improvement Grant 

The Student Government Association Campus Improvement Grant will provide any Southwestern College group or organization $1000 to improve the College’s campus.  SGA will award the SC group or organization whose project will best bolster the Builder community and improve the campus, as decided by the SGA Senate.  The goal of the Grant is to involve the entire student body and improve the SC campus.

Senior Capstone Project Grant 

The Student Government Association Senior Capstone Project Grant will provide any Southwestern College senior $1000 to improve College students’ educational experience. SGA will award the SC senior who demonstrates a need for the money, whether it be for a new technology device or supplemental funds for a project, as decided by the SGA Senate. The goal of the grant is to help enrich the student body and to help meet one or more of Southwestern College’s Mission and Vision Statement.

Build a life

Build a life

Students are what make Student Life happen!

From carnivals to concerts, from Sutton Center to Campus Life, the Office of Student Affairs is available for you, the student.

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