Career Tools

What tools do I need to further my career?

There are several tools one needs in order to be prepared to step into the next stage of their career. Whether it is a first job, career advancement opportunity, or brand-new industry, having these tools “sharpened” and in your “toolbox” will set you up for success.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is your first introduction to an employer – a first “handshake,” so to speak. You do not have to be an eloquent writer to have a great cover letter, you merely need to communicate three things:

  1. Who you are and how you heard about the position
  2. Why you think you would be a great fit for the position
  3. What you want them to do with that information – namely, interview you!

Put in a professional format, with proper syntax and correct spelling, this is a powerful way to make a great impression. Do not forget to carefully proofread, before you send it to an potential employer.

Cover Letter Template


Contrary to popular belief, your resume is not necessarily a comprehensive history of things you have done. Instead, it is your best marketing tool to advertise your best qualities – education, skills and experiences – to potential employers. There are many different ways to format a resume and many things one might put on a resume, so it is always wise to have multiple versions and keep this document under constant revision.

Chronological Resume Example

Functional Resume Example

Academic Resume Example

Combination Resume Example


This is a separate document from the cover letter and resume, meant to give employers a chance to hear about you from qualified people. With careful selection and preparation, these references could be the deciding factor on if you nail that next job. Most employers, however, are not checking references until they are interested in hiring you, so it is essential to introduce this into the job-getting process at the appropriate time.

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