Why should I live on campus?
By living on campus you become a member of a diverse community of active students. On-campus living also provides the convenience of being within walking distance of the library, classrooms, and dining hall. You also are able to access e-mail and the Internet free from your room and lobbies. By living on campus at SC you have put yourself in the middle of everything. Studies have also shown that students who live on campus, at least during their first year, receive better grades than those who commute. They also tend to persist through college and finish their degrees in high numbers than those living off campus.  top of page

Is alcohol allowed on the SC campus?
The possession of alcohol containers (regardless of contents) and the use or distribution of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs by students or employees on the Southwestern College campus is strictly prohibited. If a student is caught with alcohol on campus, he/she will be documented and sanctioned appropriately.  top of page

I want a room to myself, what do I need to do?
All first-year students are required to have a roommate for their first semester. After the first semester, any student may request to live in a private room or switch roommates. Because of space limitations there is no guarantee that a student will be able to receive a private room on request. To move out of your current room you need to first talk to your resident assistant or resident director. top of page

I want to move to a different hall or room.
Reasons for wanting to move to a different hall or room vary. The first step to take is to talk to your resident assistant or resident director to discuss the process. If you live in one of the apartments call the housing office at ext. 6392 and discuss your situation.  top of page

Can housing staff enter my room/apartment without my consent? 
The housing staff or security personnel have the right to enter any room in the residence hall when there is reason to believe that there is potential danger to a person or property or when a violation of policy has occurred. Students rooms are entered monthly to conduct health and safety checks. top of page

I'm an older student, may I live in campus housing?
Honors apartments are suitable for married students or adult students who wish to live on campus.  top of page

I want to bring my own furniture, will Southwestern take their furniture out of my room before I get there?
When you arrive on campus you will find that your room is furnished with basic furniture - a bed, dresser, desk, and chair for each person. Furniture storage is not available. top of page

I've lost my ID card, where can I get it replaced?
Submit an SC ID Card Request. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement cards which will be billed to your student account. If you have questions, please visit the Billing/Student Account Office in Christy. To eat a meal in the cafeteria from your meal plan you must have your ID card. An ID card must be replaced when it is lost. top of page

Can I move in early?
Unfortunately, no. Housing staff is preparing to make your move-in exceptional. Due to time constraints, early check-in is not an option. top of page

Help! I've lost my key.
When a room key is reported missing or is unaccounted for, we will replace the lock core to ensure your security and the safety of others. If you lose your key(s), for safety sake you must notify the director of residence life. You will be charged $25 for replacing a room door key and $250 to replace an outdoor key. top of page

How do I get mail?
Please visit the Mail and Copy Center when you arrive on campus to receive your mailbox number. Upon moving into the residence halls your new mailing address will be:
    Your Full Name
    1820 Warren Ave #___ (mailbox number)
    Winfield, Kansas 67156

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My roommate and I aren't speaking. Help!?
Roommates are encouraged to discuss their expectations regarding quiet time, sleep, sharing property, etc. with each other when they first move in. However, sometimes disputes and misunderstandings occur. If you are unable to work things out on your own, residence hall staff are available to help you find an agreeable solution to the problem.  Talk it over with your RA first.  top of page

Why was I billed for damages to my room?
If you accidentally or intentionally damage residence hall or apartment property, you will be expected to pay for the cost of repair or replacement. Charges for room damages are divided equally between roommates, unless one person accepts or is found responsible.  Damages to public spaces in the halls or apartments can be divided equally among all residents, if no one person or group is found responsible.  top of page

I'm a smoker, can I smoke in the residence halls/apartments?
No smoking or tobacco use (including chew) is permitted inside any campus building, including the residence halls and apartments. Candles and incense, as well as anything else that has an open flame, are fire hazards and are not allowed.  top of page

Can I bring my pet cat, or dog, or hamster?
No pets except fish are allowed in the residence halls or apartments. Approval must be received in writing from the Director of Residence Life for any pets. If a student is found in violation of this policy, they will be asked to remove the pet from the residence halls/apartment, and will be documented and sanctioned appropriately.  top of page

It's hot! It's cold! What can I do to the temperature in my residence hall room?
Our heating and cooling systems in the residence halls only provide heat OR air conditioning, and not both at the same time. A decision is made between the Director of Residence Life and the Director of Plant Operations as to when the switch is made. Your patience is appreciated.  Have any questions, talk with your Resident Director.  top of page

May I have visitors overnight?
If you have prior permission from your Resident Director, you may have friends or family stay the night with you in your room, if they are your gender and 18 years or older.  top of page

Are there curfews and quiet hours in the residence halls?
Quiet hours are necessary to insure privacy, and to meet the need for studying, and rest. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Hours other than designated quiet hours are considered courtesy hours and residents are expected to respect their neighbors. Friends of the opposite gender are allowed in the residence hall rooms from 10 a.m. - midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. - 2 a.m. in the lobby. Friday and Saturday night lobby hours are unrestricted, and visitation hours in the residence hall rooms are from 10 a.m. - 2 a.m.  Broadhurst has the same visitation rules except in the lobbies and stairways.  They are unrestricted because the hall is co-ed.  Visitation hours still apply to rooms and hallways.  Honors, Reid, and Warren Apartments do not have restricted visitation hours.  top of page

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