3rd Party Payer

If a third party is paying directly for your tuition, you will obtain approval through that third party resource.  In most circumstances, Southwestern College would receive direct notification of your approval through that third party.  There is no fee for processing approved benefits once your session/course begins; however, students should remit any tuition or fees not covered by the third party before the session/course begins using another payment method to cover any remaining balances. 

3rd party payer notifications may include:

• Corporate Direct Billing
• Education
• Kansas Board of Regents TA
• Military TA
• Military TA with VA/Top-Up

Please Note: Technology fees are not covered by Military TA.   A technolgy fee is billed each academic session that you are enrolled in online courses.  

This item is available for payment on the Make a Payment tab of ePayment for quick checkout in addition to your total tuition and fees.

If using a 3rd party payment method, you will also need to send a copy of your Military TA form or your employer’s direct billing letter or voucher authorizing direct billing for tuition and fees to 

If you need assistance with 3rd party party payer processing, contact Student Accounts.

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How to Pay a Technology Fee in ePayment

  1. Select the Make a Payment menu tab.
  2. Select the box labeled PS Technology Fee.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to apply. You may want to pay $30, $60, or $90, depending on the number of upcoming sessions you are enrolled in.
  4. In the first dropdown box, select your military tuition type.
  5. In the second dropdown box, select the term(semester) for which you are making the payment.
  6. Select the add to payment button, follow the remaining screens and prompts to process your payment.
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