Faculty and Staff Citations


2021-22 Dr. Edward Loeb Alissa Sheppard  
2020-21 Melinda Current N/A  
2019-20 N/A (due to COVID-19) N/A  
2018-19 Tammy McEwen Anjaih Clemons  
2017-18 Stacy Sparks Art Verdugo  
2016-17 Jackson Lashier Larry Schuster  
2015-16 Carrie Lane Kathleen Mignone  
2014-15 Patrick Lee Pam Olney   
2013-14 Tamara McEwen Pam Olney  
2011-12 Claudia Geer  Sarah Hallinan  
2010-11 Kristen Pettey Linda Schulz  
2009-10 Cheryl Rude Dan Falk Christopher Smith
2008-09 Ed Loeb Ashlee Alley  
2006-07 Stephen Woodburn Terry Fortner  
2005-06 Charlie Hunter Omari Head  
2004-05 Dan Daniel Xavier Whitaker  
2002-03 James Schuppener Craig Johnson  
2001-02 Terry Barnett Dawn Pleas-Bailey  
2000-01 Michael Dexter Craig Johnson  
1999-00 Michael Tessmer Alice Keith  
1998-99 Bob Gallup Custodial Staff  
1997-98 Jeanne Dexter Debbie Pearce  
1996-97 Cheryl Rude Dan Bowker  
1995-96 Terry Barnett Vickie Grow  
1994-95 Kim Mercer Dawn Pleas-Bailey  
1993-94 Norma Jean Dexter Leroy Worley  
1992-93 Cecil Findley Kathy Wilgers  
1991-92 Michael Wilder Julie Schuler  
1990-91 George Gangwere Lou Tharp  
1989-90 Phillip Schmidt Ralph Decker  
1988-89 Terry Barnett Wilma Topper  
1987-88 Sandy Feinstein Sue Robinson  
1986-87 Robert Wimmer Alfredo Rodriguez  
1985-86 Judy Smith Fran Broadhurst  
1984-85 David Nichols None  
1983-84 Charles Hunter None  
1982-83 None None  
1981-82 Alfredo Rodriguez None  
1980-81 Gary King None  
1979-80 None None  
1978-79 Charles Hunter None  
1977-78 Charles Bright None  
1976-77 Leonard Laws None  
1975-76 None None  
1974-75 None None  
1973-74 Alfredo Rodriguez None  
1972-73 Norman Callison, Max Thompson None  
1971-72 Dan Daniel None  
1970-71 A.D. Cope None  
1969-70 Orland Kolling, Robert Wimmer None  
1968-69 Alfredo Rodriguez None  
1967-68 James Strand None  
1966-67 Dennis Akin, Paul Frary None  
1965-66 Donald Enholm None  
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Build a life

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