SGA Minutes

SGA Meeting Minutes 09-27-2016

SGA Meeting Minutes 

For September 27, 2016 

Call to Order: 

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Emily Jones at 8:09PM 

Invocation: Given by Shayla Jordan. 

Roll Call: 

There were (5) executives present and (9) Senators, and 17/17 Organizations represented. 

New Officers 

-Shayla swore in all the new senate members, this includes: 

ï‚· Jenn Myers 


Officer Reports: 

President – N/A 

Vice President – N/A 

Treasurer – N/A 

Secretary – N/A 

Student Conduct Advisor – N/A 

Stufu President – N/A 


Constitutional amendments and elections- Emily Jones; Stefany Soto, Jay Buffum 

Activities and Allocations – Beth Jewett; Macy Stephens, Tanner Schartz 

Communication and Publicity- Savannah Caro; Raquel Resendiz, Quinlan Stein, Marquis Hodge 

Student Concerns- Shayla Jordan; Kale Baker, Tessa Castor 

Open Period/Announcements: 

Fools on the Hill -Wednesday night 9/28 

Home Football Game- Saturday 10/1 vs Friends 

Homecoming starts Sunday with the service project 

ï‚· Tessa Castor wants to help with cupcakes 


MBA Project- Tobacco Free Campus 

Sinead, Kirstin, Delaney, Audrey 

Project in class to make a tobacco free campus 

Group has talked to Kristin Petty and President- wants faculty staff and students on board. $25000 grant from Kansas Health Foundation. Friends University is going tobacco free July 1. President wants everyone on board- to prevent second hand smoke. Eliminating paying people to pick up cigarette butts. On the off-site facilities as well. All types of tobacco eliminated- dips and cigarettes. As soon as possible to implement this- possibly as soon as July 1: Implement before baseball gets started. Questions opposed about implementation and determining what is “getting people on board”, e-cigs, designated smoking areas, the effects this policy will have on recruitment and retention, consequences, fines, etc. MBA group considered surveying student 

body. Will meet with staff and Tracy Frederick and have received support from athletics, as they want to go tobacco free. To get the grant it could be that all tobacco has to be banned. 

Senator Jay Buffum requested senators and organization representatives have open discussion with senate and separate groups before voting on SGA support during next senate meeting. 

All agreed to send emails and questions to Audrey at or and will send final responses to SGA by Friday (9/30) 

Opened the floor to the senate to discuss. 

News you need to know about 

ï‚· SC Republicans 

o Mike Pompeo coming to speak October 25th, event open to all students. Mossman 101 at 12:00. 



ï‚· Need shirt sizes and design ideas; Heather purple? 

o If you have any design ideas or thoughts bring them to the meeting next week or send to 



ï‚· The only events SGA is participating in is cupcake making and window decorating. 

o Email or if you would like to participate. 

ï‚· The theme is “Up with knowledge” 

o If anyone asks, no dodgeball, replaced with bubble soccer. 

o Lip-sync battle 

o Cupcake competition 

o Spirit night for Volleyball against Friends. 

o Mum-making- fun for everyone. 

o Bonfire- Friday night 

o Parade- Begins at 9:00 on Saturday 


Next Meeting 

ï‚· October 11th at 8:00 pm in campus life 



On a motion by Shayla Jordan to adjourn the meeting at 9:33 PM, the senate voted and the motion passed. 

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Build an education.

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