SGA Minutes

SGA Meeting Minutes 11-15-2016

SGA Meeting Minutes 

For November 15, 2016 

Call to Order: 

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jones at 8:07 PM 

Invocation: Given by Student Conduct Advisor Jordan. 

Roll Call: 

There were (5) executives present and (7) Senators and (12/17) organizations present. 

Approval of Minutes: 

A motion was made by Treasurer Jewett to pass the minutes as unread. Motion passed without debate. 

Officer Reports: 

All execs- Strategic Planning Forum 

ï‚· Strategic planning meeting led by the president. 

ï‚· Four different categories—Academic, Co-curricular, Financial and Building Plant 

o Helping to strategize how money should be spent 

ï‚· Another meeting Wednesday at 4 in Wroten—anyone is welcome. 

o All opinions are welcome! 


Open Period/Announcements: 

ï‚· T-shirts 

o Design approved 

ï‚· Workshop 

o SGA is putting on a workshop for organizations and students to participate in. This workshop is to help students run organizations smoothly and help them use all of the executive positions wisely. 

o Organizations are highly encouraged to attend. 

o January 22nd in the afternoon in the cafeteria, time will be determined at a later date. 

o Helping the organizations at Southwestern survive and thrive for years to come. 

o Empowering organizations on campus. 

ï‚· Organization announcements 

o Jay Buffum- SC Republicans 

 Congressman Pompeo- visited campus 3 weeks ago. 

 Biggest group he ever visited on a college campus- over 100 people in attendance. 

 Thought highly of the school. 

 Jay Buffam has been elected chair of the Cowley County Republican party 

o Campus Players 

 Closed a play last weekend. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead including The 15 minute Hamlet. 



 Participating entry for Kennedy Center theater contest. They are being held with a chance of performing at the festival. Exciting news! 

 Saturday at 7:00pm. Music theater ensemble and SC singers fall concert. SC singers will be singing Beyoncé and Disney medleys. 

ï‚· All of them have solos of common jukebox songs. 

o Gaming Club 

 Friday is a board game night in the gaming lounge it will be at 6:30. A fun way to relax before Thanksgiving. 

o Student Foundation 

 Movie night on Wednesday- tomorrow. SC spirit night, wear SC colors and yearbook staff will be there taking pictures. 

 Write down what you are thankful for and take a picture with it. 

 Doors will open at 9:00 and the movie will begin at 9:30. 

 SC Christmas 

ï‚· Weeklong event the first week of December 

ï‚· Fun events throughout the week. 

ï‚· Letter art, tree lighting ceremony, massages on campus, bingo night after the nine lives show, decorating wreaths and ornaments. 

o Tessa Caster 

 If you know anyone that needs yardwork done leadership is doing fall cleaning. Contact 

o Next meeting November 29th 

o Christmas party in early December combined with Stufu! 



On a motion by President Demel to adjourn the meeting at 8:27 PM, the senate voted and the motion passed. 

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Build an education.

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