SGA Minutes

SGA Meeting Minutes 09-12-2017

SGA Meeting Minutes 

For September 12, 2017 

Call to Order: 

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Castor at 8:05 PM 

Invocation: Given by Raquel Resendiz 

Approval of Minutes: 

a. Each executive went over their roles 

b. SGA Goals were stated 

c. The attire for meetings was mentioned 

d. Important forms like the hazing form were discussed 

e. The hazing policy was discussed 

f. Changes on budget requests 

g. New food policy 


Roll Call: 

There were (16) executives present, (3) presidents, and (5) Senators. 

New Meeting Policies 

a. Robert’s Rules 

b. Dress Code 

a. Contact an executive member if you have any questions 

c. Cell Phone Policy 

d. New Location 


Freshman Class President Induction – Jordan 

a. President Arthur Anderson III 


This Year’s Goals 

a. Our Goals 

a. Senate Involvement 

i. More jobs 

b. Known Organization 

i. Increase presence on campus 

c. Enforcing Structure 

b. Your Goals 

a. Small Groups 

i. Adding a TV to the cafeteria to advertise upcoming events 

ii. If one organization from each group could show up to other activities to get a more diverse and larger population at the events 

iii. Tobacco and smoking on campus – keep the process going – Tanner Schartz has a proposal ready 

iv. Create a pep squad – create a fun and exciting atmosphere 

v. Theme nights at games/events 


Senator Info 

a. What it means to be a senator 

b. Open senate positions 



a. Emily & Megan – Communications & Advertisement 

a. In charge of SGA social media 

b. Could work on getting an Instagram and/or snapchat 

c. Could work on getting a TV in the Cafeteria 

b. Tessa – Elections & Constitutional Amendments 

a. Put on all elections on campus 

b. In charge of the SGA constitution 

c. Goal – to amend the entire constitution 

d. Meet once a month 

c. Beth – Activities & Allocations 

a. Will get sent to various organizations 

i. Pick up receipts, deliver monthly budgets, solve any problems 

d. Shayla – Student Concerns 

a. Works with student life and attends staff meetings 

b. Try to resolve issues 

c. Once a month meetings for food committee 

d. One meeting a month based on a specific student concern or attending an activity 


What Have You Been Doing? 

a. Past organization events 

a. GamingClub 

i. Gaming night in August during BuilderFest 

ii. Teamed up with Main Street Games 

b. Theatre Division 

i. Just finished with Godspell 

c. Tri Beta 

i. Annual ice cream social 

d. StuFu 

i. Late night bowling 

b. Upcoming events 

a. Theatre Division 

i. Fools on the Hill on September 27th 

ii. Peter and the Star Catcher 

b. Pi Gamma Mu 

i. Helping to host the Lunches with Leaders 

c. StuFu 

i. Free Movie night 

ii. This Thursday, free shirts for Bystander Intervention 

d. Film Club 

i. Hoping to partner with StuFu at free movie night 



e. IOU 

i. Domestic violence month is October 

1. “silent” event 

f. EdBuilders 

i. Trunk or treat in October 

g. Gaming Club 

i. 29th of September 

ii. Video games, board games 

h. InterAct 

i. September 24th at Island Park 

1. Authentic Mexican Food 

2. Mexican Bingo 

3. Prizes 

i. FCA 

i. Meeting September the 24th at 8pm in Mossman 

j. Psych Club 

i. Human vs Zombies in October 

k. Leadership Garage Sale 

i. September 14-16 

ii. Corner of 9th and Gary 

iii. Can donate items or come shop 



a. People going into the cafeteria on the side door 

b. Not paying for their meals 


Coming up 

a. Documents due 

b. Fill out an upcoming event for if you plan on having an event 

c. Next meeting: September 26th 

d. Continuing Education: October 6th 

a. 12-1pm in Pounds Lounge 

b. Senators and at least 1 representative from each organization required to come; advisors welcome 

c. Topic: Marketing & Communications 



On a motion Jay Buffum by to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 PM, the senate voted and the motion passed. 

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