Installment Payment Plans

For those who are unable to pay their tuition in full prior to class start date, Southwestern offers a payment plan option. A non-refundable fee per semester will be assessed for all payment plans. The standard payment plan allows payment over five months in the semester (August-December for fall; January-May for spring) and over three months in the summer (May-July). 

Fall installment plan 

  • 5 payments - August-December- (Due 10th of the month) 
  • 5 payments - July-November- (Due End of the month)

Spring installment plan

  • 5 payments - January-May- (Due 10th of the month) 
  • 5 payments - December-April- (Due End of the month)

Summer installment plan

  • 3 payments - May-July- (Due 10th of the month) 

Failure to pay according to the payment plan agreement may result in a stop on the student account until it has been brought to a current status. Missed or late payments may be subject to a finance charge based on the unpaid balance for the semester.

To set up a payment plan

  1. In the ‘Payment Plans’ box on the ePayment screen, select ‘Enroll in Payment Plan’ (text is variable based on semester)
  2. Enroll in 20XX Payment Plan (text is variable based on semester)
  3. View Terms and Conditions and select ‘I agree to these Term & Conditions’
  4. Pay your non-refundable payment plan fee
  5. Enter your ACH (electronic check) or Credit Card Number for your automatic payments
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