Installment Payment Plans

For those who are unable to pay their tuition in full prior to class start date, Southwestern offers a payment plan option. A non-refundable fee per semester will be assessed for all payment plans. The standard payment plan allows payment over five months in the semester (August-December for fall; January-May for spring) and over three months in the summer (May-July). 

Payment Information for Fall 2022 (PDF)

Fall Installment Plan 

  • 5 payments - August-December (Due 10th of the month)
  • 5 payments - August - December (Due 15th of the month)
  • 5 payments - July-November (Due End of the month)

How to set up a payment plan

(Main Campus Students) Payment Due Dates

The following monthly payment dates are available in ePayment to choose up to 5 installment payments during the Fall 2022 semester:

  Option 1 – 10th Option 2 – 15th Option 3 – End of Month
Installment 1: August 10 August 15 July 31
Installment 2: September 10 September 15 August 31
Installment 3: October 10 October 15 September 30
Installment 4: November 10 November 15 October 31
Installment 5: December 10 December 15 November 30


Payment Information for Spring 2023 (PDF)

Spring Installment Plan

  • 5 payments - January-May (Due 10th of the month)
  • 5 payments - January-May (Due 15th of the month)
  • 5 payments - December-April (Due End of the month)

How to set up a payment plan

(Main Campus Students) Payment Due Dates

  Option 1 – 10th Option 2 – 15th Option 3 – End of Month
Installment 1: January 10 January 15 December 31
Installment 2: February 10 February 15 January 31
Installment 3: March 10 March 15 February 28
Installment 4: April 10 April 15 March 31
Installment 5: May 10 May 15 April 30

Summer installment plan

  • 3 payments - May-July (Due 10th of the month)

How to set up a payment plan

Failure to pay according to the payment plan agreement may result in a stop on the student account until it has been brought to a current status. Missed or late payments may be subject to a finance charge based on the unpaid balance for the semester.



To set up a payment plan

Click Here For More Detailed Instructions

  1. In the ‘Payment Plans’ menu on the ePayment screen, select ‘View Payment Plan Options’
  2. Avalable Payment Plan options will be displayed on the menu on the right side with arrows to navigate/view.
  3. Select the button to Enroll in 20XX Payment Plan (text is variable based on semester)
  4. View Terms and Conditions and select ‘I agree to these Term & Conditions’.  Click Continue.
  5. Pay your non-refundable payment plan fee
  6. Enter your banking account  (electronic check) or Credit Card Number for your automatic payments
  7. View the Terms and Conditions for automatic payments.
  8. An email reminder will be sent prior to the due date.  You may want to invite additional authorized payers to receive payment plan reminders.  

Receive SMS/Text Notifications

There is a new option to get an SMS Notification when payment is due/processed, tax forms are available, or eRefund gets processed from ePayment.

To receive SMS Notifications on your mobile phone:

  1. Go to Self-Service > Finances tab > ePayment
  2. Go to the 'My Account' Tab and locate the section for 'SMS Notifications'
  3. Select the 'Sign up' link
  4. Enter your mobile phone number and service provider
  5. A confirmation code via SMS text will be sent to your phone
  6. Enter the confirmation code and select "Continue" to validate your phone
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