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Associate Professor of Philosophy
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Dr. Jacob L. Goodson (PhD, University of Virginia)  is the Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southwestern College. Dr. Goodson teaches Ethics and Society, History of Philosophy, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, and several upper-level courses relating to American Philosophy,  ethics, and the philosophy of religion.

Dr. Goodson's most recent publications are The Dark Years? Philosophy, Politics, and the Problem of Predictions, (Cascade Press, 2020), Strength of Mind: Courage, Hope, Freedom, Knowledge (Cascade Press, 2018), and Introducing Prophetic Pragmatism, with Brad Elliott Stone, (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2019). He has edited multiple books.

He enjoys playing tennis, walking his dog Wrigley, and watching the musical Hamilton. His spouse, Angela, is a Lutheran Deaconess and serves the community of Winfield as a Family Therapist. They have two teenagers, Sophia Grace and Seraphina Rose.

Interviews on Podcasts

Reflections on Higher Education

Reflections on the Discipline of Philosophy

Ethics and Moral Theory: Friendship, Love, Marriage

Philosophy of Religion: Varieties of Religious Reasonings

Politics and Political Philosophy: Pragmatism, Predictions, and Presidents


The following essays are posted in order to invite feedback and input from readers concerning argument, grammar & structure, and potential avenues for publication (though some of them are under contract, which will be stated up front). Thank you in advance!

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Lectures and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Goodson is available to lecture or speak on...

  • American Philosophy
  • Animal Ethics
  • Ethics of Warfare
  • Issues in Higher Education
  • Jewish Philosophy & Judaism
  • Modern Philosophy of Religion
  • Prophetic Pragmatism in the 21st Century
  • Richard Rorty's Predictions about 21st Century Politics
  • Sports Ethics, particularly issues relating to the MLB & NFL
  • Virtue Theory and Defense of Particular Virtues Needed in the Modern World 

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Jacob Goodson, Ph.D.
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