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Information about two scholarships for new undergraduate learners is available at including downloadable application forms.  These scholarships are one-time only and not eligible for renewal.

Residential Campus (Winfield)
The majority of institutional financial aid is determined at admission to the college and awarded based on a combination of academic merit, talent and financial need.  Renewal for most scholarships (exceptions noted below) is automatic upon completion of the annual FAFSA or upon notification that the student will not be completing the FAFSA.  The majority of Southwestern aid is renewable for up to 10 semesters (exceptions noted below) provided satisfactory progress measurements are met and the student is enrolled full-time.  Amounts are also subject to an April 1 annual priority deadline (see Keeping Your Aid).

  • Builders Abroad - supports the work and mission of the Builders Abroad programs.  Qualifying students may continue receiving some forms of financial aid during semesters away from the college campus.  More.
  • CA$H Savings Program - a 2:1 matching program sponsored by Southwestern College, the Kansas Independent College Association and Interfaith Housing Services, CA$H is available to those qualifying at income levels which are 200% below poverty level.
  • Endowed Scholarships - donated by alumni and friends of the college in support of current students.  These scholarships are identified upon enrollment to the college.  No additional application is required.  These scholarships are renewed annually based on criteria set by the individual donor.
  • Management Grants - awarded to students elected or appointed to positions of responsibility such as student government officers, student foundation officers and editors/managers of convergent media programs.  These scholarships are renewed based on performance.
  • Roy L. Smith Church Matching Scholarship - A scholarship matching program up to $1,000 offered to students enrolled in main campus, undergraduate programs who receive scholarships from churches of any denomination.  Funds to be matched must be received by the Office of Financial Aid by September 1 of each year.  Application.
  • Southwestern College Need-Based Grants - provided to students who may not qualify for Federal SEOG or state need-based grant funds.  The grant is limited to students demonstrating federal financial need as calculated using the results of the FAFSA.  Amounts of the grant vary according to the level of financial need and are renewed annually.
  • Tuition Benefits - Full-time employees of Southwestern are eligible for substantial tuition benefits for courses taken at Southwestern College for themselves, their spouse, registered partner or unmarried dependent children.  For information and a helpful FAQ on how to apply email the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Tuition Exchange - Full-time employees of Southwestern College as well as their dependent children are eligible for substantial tuition benefits at privately funded colleges and universities across the United States.  Southwestern College participates in tuition exchange programs through and  For information and a helpful FAQ on the process and how to apply, email the Office of Financial Aid.

International Students (Winfield Campus)
Two scholarship programs are available for students studying at Southwestern College as citizens of countries other than the United States.  These scholarships are determined at admission to the college and are automatically renewed each year provided satisfactory progress measurements are met (See Keeping Your Aid).

  • Bishop Scholarships - provided by the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship.  Scholarships may be combined with any other scholarship received from Southwestern College or other sources.  Applicant must: 1) be accepted by admissions in good standing, and 2) have application selected by the selection committee.  Criteria for selection are:  Methodist, alumni referral, minister referral, church involvement, financial need, vocational ministry interest, leadership, minority, global perspective, potential impact on the campus after graduation.  Amounts vary according to financial need.  Scholarships are renewable for 4 years.  Online Application.  
  • International Student Scholarships - can be combined with both an academic scholarship and management grant.  Worth $5,000, the scholarship is renewable for up to ten semesters.
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