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CrossFlameUnited Methodist Student Loan Fund

Up to $5,000 per calendar year is available for individuals who have been active, full members of the United Methodist Church for at least one year in the form of a private student loan.  The loan funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and by application.  A co-signer is required for all loan applications.  Co-signers are held responsible for repaying the student loan should the student fail to repay.  The co-signer may not include spouses, intended spouses or the individual's pastor.  The current interest rate for students attending United Methodist schools is 4%.  Terms and conditions.

The application for the loan is located online and applied for directly through the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.  Co-signers will be contacted and asked to complete a portion of the application.  Students are asked to verify their enrollment at the institution they are attending once the loan has been approved.

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Build a life

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