GRANT [grant] noun - money that is yours to keep.

Scholarships and grants come from four different types of places (listed below).  Application requirements for grants and scholarships are located in the Financial Aid Handbook.

Federal Department of Education

The Federal government is the largest resource for need-based scholarship and grant programs.  A comprehensive list of these grant programs including eligibility requirements is located on

Federal Pell Grant - designed to be awarded to the neediest of students applying for college across the United States.  More.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) - a companion to the Federal Pell Grant and awarded to students on a first come, first served basis according to exceptional financial need.  More.

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant - for student's whose parent or guardian died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after September 11, 2001.  More.

Federal TEACH Grant - One of the few Federal grants that is not dependent on financial need.  To determine if you are eligible for the grant, take Southwestern's Teach Entrance Counseling.  To receive the grant, you must be admitted to the Southwestern College teacher education program and plan to teach in a qualified schoolMore.

State of Kansas

State scholarships are available to Kansas residents who complete the FAFSA by the state priority application receipt deadline of APRIL 1.  For a comprehensive list of state programs including a full explanation of eligibility requirements, visit the Kansas Board of Regents website.  (Students from states other than Kansas should contact their state legislator and/or state regents association.  A few states have scholarships that can be used at colleges outside the state.)

Kansas Comprehensive Grant - a grant given to Kansas students with financial need attending as full-time, undergraduates in main campus programs who apply by the APRIL 1 priority deadline.  Qualifying students are awarded $3,000.  More.

Kansas State Scholar - a grant given to the 20%-40% of Kansas high school graduates who are designated as state scholars during their senior year of high school.  Students must complete the Kansas Scholars Curriculum to qualify.  More.

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship - designed to assist financially needy, academically competitive students who are identified as members of certain ethnic/racial groups.  More.

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship - requires an obligation to practice as an LPN or RN in the State of Kansas and work for a sponsor who is licensed by the State of Kansas in a health care field.  More.

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship - a merit-based, service obligation scholarship program providing assistance to students who wish to teach or currently teach in state designated hard-to-fill disciplines or underserved geographic areas.  More.

Southwestern College

Professional Studies Students - Two scholarships for new undergraduate learners are available.  Information and application forms can be downloaded from (scroll to bottom of page)

Main Campus Students - The majority of institutional financial aid is determined at admission to the college and awarded based on academic merit, talent and financial need.

CA$H Savings Program - A 2:1 matching program sponsored by Southwestern College, the Kansas Independent College Association and Interfaith Housing Services CA$H is available to those qualifying at income levels which are 200% below poverty level.

Roy L. Smith Church Matching Scholarship - A schoalrship matching program up to $1,000 offered to students enrolled in main campus, undergraduate programs who receive scholarships from churches of any denomination.  Application.

United Methodist Ministry Scholarship - offers students who are members of the United Methodist Church and who are also pursuing ministry as a career to receive $1,000 per year in addition to participating in the United Methodist Ministry Scholars program.  Funding for these scholarships is provided by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry from money received nationwide on United Methodist Student Sunday as well as from the United Methodist Foundation.  Application.

United Methodist Connection Scholarship - celebrates Southwestern's connection and commitment to the youth of the United Methodist Church.  Provides recipients with $7,500 per year for four years (total of $30,000).  To qualify, student must provide 1) evidence of youth leadership at the local United Methodist Church of which they are a member, 2) graduate from high school with a 3.0 or higher grade point average, and 3) have a letter of recommendation from the applicant's pastor or youth director.  Applications must be received in the Office of Admission by February 1.  May not be combined with other institutional scholarships.  Recipients who qualify for higher institutional scholarships may receive the higher award and still maintain the recognition of being a UM Connection Scholar.  Receipients must live on campus all four years to continue receiving the full award. 

International Students
Bishop Scholarships - provided by the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship.  Scholarships may be combined with any other scholarship received from Southwestern College or other sources.  Applicant must: 1) be accepted by admissions in good standing, and 2) have application selected by the selection committee.  Criteria for selection are:  Methodist, alumni referral, minister referral, church involvement, financial need, vocational ministry interest, leadership, minority, global perspective, potential impact on the campus after graduation.  Amounts vary according to financial need.  Scholarships are renewable for 4 years.  Online Application

International Student Scholarship - can be combined with both an academic scholarship and management grant.  Worth $5,000, the scholarship is renewable for up to ten semesters.

Scholarships for Builders Abroad - supports the work and mission of the Builders Abroad programs.  Qualifying students may continue receiving some forms of financial aid during semesters away from the college campus.  More.

Private Resources 

Southwestern College maintains an index of scholarships that local, regional and national organizations advertise directly to our students.  This site is organized alphabetically and by deadline and also contains links to other reputable scholarship search websites.

The United Methodist Church

Southwestern College is affiliated with The United Methodist Church.  The Wesleyan tradition encourages critical thinking about faith.  Consequently, Methodists have always supported higher education by providing places for students to learn and by providing them with scholarships to support their learning.

Two areas of the United Methodist organization offer scholarships - typically to students who have been active members of a United Methodist church for at least one year.  The General Board of Higher Education & Ministry manages scholarships for both graduates and undergraduates and the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation supports additional scholarship programs, including the popular United Methodist Dollars for Scholars program.

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